Featured Watch – Panerai Radiomir PAM 425

The Officine Panerai Radiomir S.L.C. —Siluro a Lento Corsa— 3 Days, represents a tribute to the history of Officine Panerai and to a watch that has constituted a fundamental milestone in the history of professional diver’s watchmaking. Many of the characteristics of this watch come straight from the prototype created by Panerai in 1936 to equip the commandos of the Royal Italian Navy. Fitted with a cushion case in stainless steel measuring 47 mm in diameter, the Radiomir S.L.C. 3 Days features the iconic slender wire strap attachments of the Radiomir line as well as the conical —onion shaped— crown and a very simple dial with a special feature on bas-relief.

The reference to the “PIG” dial is explained below: –
The first human torpedo (the Italian Siluro) was electrically propelled, with two crewmen in diving suits riding astride. They steered the torpedo at slow speed to the enemy ship. The detachable warhead was then used as a limpet mine. They then rode the torpedo away. The idea was successfully applied by the Italian navy (Regia Marina) early in World War II and then copied by the British when they discovered the Italian operations. The official Italian name for their craft was Siluro a Lenta Corsa (SLC or “Slow-running torpedo”), but the Italian operators nicknamed itmaiale (Italian for “pig”; plural maiali) because it was difficult to steer.

The watch comes complete with Box and Papers.

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